Project locations: Manmunai North, Eravurpattu, Koralaipattu DS Divisions
  • The initiatives taken for sustainable peace among all communities Tamils, Sinhala, Muslims and Burghers were reached through provision of trainings to inter group participants   on conflict resolution, Business development, Gender sensitivity and inter dialogue.  
  • The SMEs were trained on Public Private Dialogues and capacitated to communicate with their respective local authorities and abled to face their problems which hinder their own business development as well as ethnic problems.
  • Social cohesion exhibition and trade fair was conducted through which multi ethnic, multi-cultural relationship through networking opportunities of all ethnic communities involvement. This event brought all ethnic/ religious community together in one place in a cohesive environment.
  • Collaboration with Good Market (GM) – A curated community of social enterprises, responsible businesses and change makers initiated our SMEs for wider and profitable marketing.
  • SEED Grant - In the first phase of issue of seed grant, 23 participants were issued out of which 04 grantees in 02 with ethnic community wise. 04 grants with 06 participants reaches ethnic and religious cohesiveness. Each grant amount is Maximum Rs.200,000.00 through this investment   the participant expanded her/his business and earn more profit.