COVID 19 Pandemic Assistance

  • 07 spray pumps issued to BT/Teaching Hospital to support disinfection In collaboration with Health Department, pamphlets issued  to public on COVID 19 Prevention measures  on Migrant day.
  • In coordination with Kachcheri, Batticaloa,   supported for issue of food packets for vulnerable families. And also issued varieties of seeds for home gardening   under  food security programme  Eravurpattu,  Manmmunai South& Eruvil pattu, Kroralaipattu Porativupattu,  Koralaipattu North, Manmunai West,  Manmunai  South West, Manmunai North, Manmunaipattu. Koralaipattu West
  • 1683 families were issued with dry ration     packets in coordination with respective Div. Secretaries.
  • 914 families were provided with Livelihood support to restart their income generation. 3000 face masks were issued  
  • 64 families involved in Cash for work supported by ZOA in Eravurpattu DS Division by ZOA
  • 45 Hand washing sinks issued to schools & one Hand wash sink issued to Hospital Health hygienic prevention materials